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The significance of the Spider in Shamanism

We are all aware of the power of positive thought and there are numerous self development sources that aim to create the life you want through focus and manifestation(the well known book 'The Secret' is one of these many people have read or at least heard about.)

However in shamanism the guide we are searching for can often come in the shape of our spirit animals and in particular the Spider. The feminine energy of the Spider is a very powerful source as she represents mystery,growth,receptivity,power and creativity but most importantly manifestation.
Her body and legs are shaped to represent the number 8 which relates to infinity and just as a Spider creates its own path,whilst removing things that no longer serve then repairing the broken web as human beings we follow the same pattern with our own lives as we too weave our own destiny.

The web we spin in our lives is an expression of what we want and need,our own individual goals,it is a dream catcher used to create and proj…