What is Hawaiian massage and how can it benefit me?

Hawaiian massage is more commonly known as lomi lomi and originates from Hawaii where traditionally a family member practiced it at home to restore health and well being following injury or illness. Kahuna body work is incorporated and uses powerful techniques to relieve emotional and spiritual blocks and was practiced by the priests previously to encourage healing and transformation on all levels
This style of massage combines soothing contact with activation of the chakra points in the body to give an overrall sense of nurturing and wellbeing with a deeper connection. Each side of the body is worked as a whole with long,continuous strokes down the entire length creating a build up of energy with focussed intention for healing to occur. Great care is given to ensure maximum touch, flowing movements ,a deep Aloha connection and an extended awareness at all times. The combination of these factors create an incredible treatment, encouraging a deeper sense of relaxation which helps the mi…

What is Onsite Massage and what are the benefits?

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What is On site massage and what are the benefits?

Onsite Massage otherwise known as Chair massage is often used in workplaces and other public places as an effective way to offer a relaxing massage in a short period of time. A highly beneficial massage can be performed in just 10 minutes and a growing number of businesses are now offering this service to their employees to help boost health,morale and well being in the work place.
The massage is performed on a chair or stool and the client remains fully clothed throughout with no oils being used. The techniques used are based on chinese acupressure incorporating gentle pressure and stretches to the entire upper body but focussing on the back.

There are many benefits to this short but highly effective massage:
Reduces muscular discomfort and tension
Stress levels are reduced
Improves flexibility and movement
Stimulates the circulation,improving toxin elimination
Can be both relaxing and invigoratin…

A guide to Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in the lives of parents to be,it is also however a time when hormonal changes can play a major part in the emotional and physical well being of all expectant mums.
Pregnancy massage can be hugely beneficial in easing discomfort and reducing anxiety which can be so common particularly with the first baby and is a wonderful way to bond with your upcoming arrival!
It is advised that the massage is only performed after the first three months by a proffessional when the pregnancy is more stable and also to seek permission from your Dr prior to the treatment. The safest oils to use are pure and organic plant based which contain no essential oils,there are some essential oils which can be highly beneficial however the majority contain chemicals which can absorb into the body and affect the babies circulatory system. Deep tissue massage should not be included and massage over the abdomen only with great care.
The massage is generally performed with mums to b…

What is Holistic massage and how can it benefit me?

Holistic Massage has its origins in Greece and is more commonly known as 'Swedish massage'. It is the most popular style of massage and practiced all over the world. The word 'Holistic' means whole and it comprises of a full body massage using a variety of strokes and varying degrees of pressure to release tension from the muscles,relieve stress and create a sense of complete well being and balance  physically,spiritually and emotionally.
This style of massage can be adapted for each person, depending on their individual needs and requirements.

The benefits of Holistic Massage are as follows

 Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

 Alleviates muscular discomfort
 Increases mobility and reduce stiffness
 Improves skin elasticity
 Boosts Immunity
 Increases mental awareness
 Increases circulation
 Promotes more effective breathing
 Balances the Digestive system
 Aids a better sleep

Massage Therapy Myths

Massage therapy myths Although the popularity of massage therapy is on the rise, the misconceptions about what it can and cannot do are still prevalent. Tackling the myths and learning the facts about massage benefits both therapists and their clients. Here are ten common myths about massage therapy, busted wide open with scientific facts and data.
1. Massages are basically all the same.  Certainly not true! There are many different types of massage, and each has their own role. Spa massage focuses on stress relief and helping to diminish general muscle soreness. Sports massage is useful for athletes of any kind, from Olympians to weekend joggers, and helps to keep muscles and joints in top shape. Massage for physical therapy is geared toward healing specific injuries and keeping bodies mobile while they recover.
2. Massage spreads cancer cells through the body.
This is, scientifically, nearly impossible. One would have to smash the tumor directly for it to shed any potential metastatic…

10 most common Contraindications to massage

What is a contraindication and why is it essential practice to gain knowledge of a clients medical history prior to treatment?

A contra indication is a medical term meaning to with hold a treatment as proceeding with the therapy may cause unnecessary harm if the client is affected by one of these conditions.Massage has many benefits including increasing the circulation and releasing discomfort from tight and aching muscles however in some situations such as the conditions listed below massage can do a lot more harm then good. Due to this it is essential that you do not with hold important information from the therapist during the consultation as it can be detrimental to your health.

It is normal practice for all professional therapists to take a consultation the first time you meet a new client. It is essential in order to practice safely not only for ourselves but also the client that a medical history of the clients health is obtained and contra indications discussed and if appropri…

The 5 main types of massage movements and benefits

There are a variety of different strokes used during a typical massage routine. This depends on the style of massage, the clients  requirements and how the therapist conducts her treatment. 
When I am working on a client I personally like to use a variety of massage movements not only to enable the massage to be as effective as possible, but also so that I can tailor make the session to cater for each individuals needs as client satisfaction is extremely important to my practice.
Below is a summary of the main massage movements used in swedish massage which is the most common style of massage practised,the reasons for each stroke and the benefits that are gained as a result. All the strokes are done in an upwards motion towards the heart. The strokes are described as I personally use them and in order for what I have found to be the most effective way of practicing but each therapist obviously has their own method of what works best for them and their treatment.

Effleurage This is the…