10 tips to reduce stress and increase wellbeing

Good Posture Be aware at all times of how you are sitting and standing and aim to keep your spine as straight as possible a simple way to put the body into alignment is too pull the belly button back towards the spine whilst imagining there is a string from the top of the head pulling you upright. Maintaining good posture will not only help you look taller and slimmer but will help to prevent spinal problems and muscular discomfort from developing in the future.
Regular Exercise Too keep the body healthy aim to exercise daily, choose a sport that you enjoy to motivate you. Aerobic exercise such as running, cycling or swimming done at least 3 times a week for an hour each time are excellent ways to increase your fitness levels although gentler activities such as walking or yoga are equally effective. If you wish to lose excess weight or tone the body aim to increase your workouts, the release of endomorphins as a result will lead to a happier and healthier you!
Healthy Diet This consists of…

The 5 main massage strokes

The 5 main massage strokes Effleurage Effleurage is a long gliding stroke often performed with the flat of the hand with a light to medium pressure. It is the first stroke used in a massage to spread the oil on the body, therefore introducing the client to the therapists touch. Effleurage is also used as a linking movement between the different massage strokes and allows the practitioner to evaluate where areas of specific tightness are located prior to the deeper work. Petrissage Petrissage is a series of different movements using alternating hands which include picking up, wringing,skin rolling and pulling up the tissue being worked upon. This is the stroke which often follows on from Effleurage and is used to break down adhesions in the muscles therefore relieving muscular tension and discomfort. As a result of this stroke the circulation is increased leading to a greater lymphatic flow as toxins are released from the body. Friction Friction is a stroke which is used in smaller areas oft…

The significance of the Spider in Shamanism

We are all aware of the power of positive thought and there are numerous self development sources that aim to create the life you want through focus and manifestation(the well known book 'The Secret' is one of these many people have read or at least heard about.)

However in shamanism the guide we are searching for can often come in the shape of our spirit animals and in particular the Spider. The feminine energy of the Spider is a very powerful source as she represents mystery,growth,receptivity,power and creativity but most importantly manifestation.
Her body and legs are shaped to represent the number 8 which relates to infinity and just as a Spider creates its own path,whilst removing things that no longer serve then repairing the broken web as human beings we follow the same pattern with our own lives as we too weave our own destiny.

The web we spin in our lives is an expression of what we want and need,our own individual goals,it is a dream catcher used to create and proj…

What is CBD and what is it used for?

There is much hype around CPD and what it can do to maximize and restore balance in the body and mind so what exactly is it and how does it work?

CPD for short is cannabidiol,one of the amazing nutrient compounds found in the hemp plant. It is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds found within the female cannabis plant,these chemical compounds are known as cannabinoids which mean they bind to special receptors in the body cells which have many functions,the majority of which are found in the central nervous system.
  However other receptors can be found throughout the body including the skin,digestive tract and reproductive organs.

The endocannabinoid system which makes up these receptors plays a huge part in controlling many of our bodily functions including mood,movement,appetite,immune,response,ovulation,sperm development and cognition.
So why is CPD not illegal if it is from a cannabis source? CPD is non psychoactive which means you cannot get a  high or feel stoned from ta…

Bird nation in Shamanism

Bird nation

Embracing nature and respecting the planet we live on is an essential practice to bring balance,healing and harmony not only into our own lives but in practicing shamanism and this of course includes the birds and wildlife that inhabit our planet. Birds can be incredibly powerful in what they represent and can teach us a lot about not only ourselves but the world we all live in.

The owl for example represents wisdom and feminine mystery,it teaches us to be silent and wise particularly if we are looking for an answer to a specific question we may have as it can offer guidance. The owl also reveals not only what you are hiding from yourself but also what others are hiding from you. It is a peaceful and mystical bird which is greatly respected.

The crow encourages us to see things how they should be whilst possessing the magical ability to travel through different realms,the crow also teaches us patience.

The Robin commonly identified by its red chest helps to provide courage…

The reason the peace pipe is used in Shamanism

We have all seen the images of the Native Americans smoking the peace pipes during a ritual healing session but what is the actual purpose of this is there a reason?
The peace pipe is the sacred pipe instrument which is used to communicate with the creator,the bowl of the pipe represents the universe and world we live in and the stem mankind and is a reminder to us that we are all related and connected in some way to each other.

Tobacco is commonly given as a gift of thanks and respect for the Shaman and is seen as a instrument of prayer by the native Americans for help they give to others. Once the tobacco is in the pipe it represents the father of all creation and wisdom. When the pipe is smoked the smoke created is not important but the communication to the higher force is, the pipe is not smoked to impress others but represents the tears and pain from the person who needs healing and the smoke is then able to carry away that pain to the creator who will ease the sorrow.

The most i…

The importance of the drum through shamanic healing

In our past lives we have all been Shamans in some form,our ancestors through DNA have passed on information so that lessons not learned previously can be rectified in this life time. The drum plays an essential role in shamanic healing and different tribes have different directions but follow what they are drawn towards with the intention always being pure to help others unconditionally heal and find internal balance. When the Shaman uses the drum he is connecting to the higher source which is ultimately what he then channels to help others,however in doing so he is aware of the spirit inside the drum as symbolically everything that gives life to the universe is represented by the drum.
The wood of the drum is made from a tree which once had life and this energy is still present,the life giving substance flowing beneath the bark is just like the blood in our bodies,the animal skin covering the drum was once a life also as this skin once surrounded a living animal. Both the skin and w…