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7 Myths about Tantra

We all come from sex. It's the most natural thing in the world. So, why is this the last taboo? There is such an air of mystery surrounding Tantra, it can be as intimidating as it is alluring. But in truth, Tantra is not for the few—it's for the many and Tantra's only real secret is that there's nothing about it that should or needs to be kept hidden. Here are seven of the most common myths about Tantra and why you can now forget about them. It's time to bring this transformative practice into your bedroom and into your life. Myth 1: Tantra is all about marathon sessions of lovemaking. Truth: Length of time doesn't define a great sexual experience. You can have a Tantra quickie as well as a marathon session. Tantra is different from regular sex because it connects you in body, mind, and soul. Most sex only connects you in the body. Going the distance in being attentive to your partner's and your own needs is more important than the length of time you make love. …

The significance of the Shamanic Tree

From the beginning of time and creation man has relied on nature to exist,develop and survive and in shamanic cosmology the cosmic tree forms a unique connection to the human spirit. We only have to look at our own fingerprints to see the similarity between the rings on the trunk of a tree or too experience first hand as human beings how we thrive when we feel loved and cared for but when self love is lacking or we are declined of attention our health and well being is affected and starts to diminish.Well documented research has proven with positive energy and love plants will thrive and grow but when neglected they will start to wither and die,as fascinating as this is however the similarities do not end there.

  To survive we rely on our heart beating pumping blood to the essential organs of the body,just like us trees have a' heart beat' but only much slower as water is pumped every two hours up through the roots of the tree to nourish and feed the trunk and branches as it …