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The reason the peace pipe is used in Shamanism

We have all seen the images of the Native Americans smoking the peace pipes during a ritual healing session but what is the actual purpose of this is there a reason?
The peace pipe is the sacred pipe instrument which is used to communicate with the creator,the bowl of the pipe represents the universe and world we live in and the stem mankind and is a reminder to us that we are all related and connected in some way to each other.

Tobacco is commonly given as a gift of thanks and respect for the Shaman and is seen as a instrument of prayer by the native Americans for help they give to others. Once the tobacco is in the pipe it represents the father of all creation and wisdom. When the pipe is smoked the smoke created is not important but the communication to the higher force is, the pipe is not smoked to impress others but represents the tears and pain from the person who needs healing and the smoke is then able to carry away that pain to the creator who will ease the sorrow.

The most i…

The importance of the drum through shamanic healing

In our past lives we have all been Shamans in some form,our ancestors through DNA have passed on information so that lessons not learned previously can be rectified in this life time. The drum plays an essential role in shamanic healing and different tribes have different directions but follow what they are drawn towards with the intention always being pure to help others unconditionally heal and find internal balance. When the Shaman uses the drum he is connecting to the higher source which is ultimately what he then channels to help others,however in doing so he is aware of the spirit inside the drum as symbolically everything that gives life to the universe is represented by the drum.
The wood of the drum is made from a tree which once had life and this energy is still present,the life giving substance flowing beneath the bark is just like the blood in our bodies,the animal skin covering the drum was once a life also as this skin once surrounded a living animal. Both the skin and w…

What is the shadow self of your character?

The Shadow self of our character is the side of your personality that contains all the parts that you prefer to kept hidden and do not want to admit to having. It is often unconscious and through becoming more self aware we are able to recognise our shadow and understand that it is not always negative, a common way to explore our shadow self is through therapy or self development work. Sometimes we are not always able to show our true emotions due to our own fear and insecurities so instead we choose to wear a mask to protect ourselves and we let our shadow self dominate our character displaying signs or anger or rage rather then become vulnerable and admit we are feeling afraid this mask helps us to feel safe so to the outside world we may be portrayed in a different light but actually on the inside we are feeling completely different. It is not always easy to embrace the negative side of our character but actually once you are able to do so then it can help your life to become m…

The healing energy of trees

Throughout history trees have been used for healing and medicinal purposes,they are the most advanced living beings on the planet and have the ability to calm down our emotions simply by touch and in doing so helps to strengthen our immune system and enable us to radiate chi energy.
If you are able to be open and communicate with your heart whilst embracing our beautiful planet and the nature surrounding us you will realize that trees share the same emotions as human beings and respond to us accordingly if they are shown the respect they deserve.

The different types of trees differ in the benefits they provide,shown below is a selection of the most popular trees and how through touch and being open to the energy they offer can help you to heal your body and mind.

As the name suggests the weeping willow is the tree connected to our emotions,often found in water the movement is fluid representing letting go of pent up emotions,inner wisdom,stability and opening the mind. This tre…