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What is Reiki and how can it benefit me?

Reiki originates from Japan and is a natural healing art which works on all aspects of our being on a physical,emotional,mental and spiritual level. It is suitable for all ages from young babies as a way of soothing to the elderly who may just benefit from that gentle sense of touch and connection.
It is a energy based treatment, which is performed through the clothes and formulated to work on all aspects of the chakras in the body, releasing blockages to create balance in maintaining the body's natural equilibrium. Mind, body and spirit are treated as one in this powerful and spiritual treatment. It is very effective in aiding relaxation from stress disorders and emotional problems. The use of relevant Crystals can be incorporated on the chakra points and aura cleansing is performed for additional benefits.

It is a powerful tool for growth and personal transformation.

What are the benefits of Reiki? Stress Reduction and relaxationPromotes health and a sense of well beingBalances life…

what is a pendulum and how do I use one?

So what is a pendulum and how would I use it for healing or gaining knowledge on topics I need the answers too?   This is generally a crystal spear attached to a cord,they can take on many different forms and are available widely through crystal and health care shops,it is not advised to purchase crystals over the internet as it is advisable that you feel not only drawn to the stone but feel an energy emitting from it and it is only possible to do this by directly holding the item to see if there is a connection prior to purchasing. Before use ensure you cleanse the pendulum through burying it in the earth,exposing it too extreme sound or holding it under pure running water. It should then be fully charged by leaving it ideally under a full moon over night.
The most effective crystal to use is pure quartz as that is the master healer,first of all ask the pendulum to show you 'yes' and 'no' it will distinguish between the two by spinning or moving from side to side in …

A journey into the chakra system

Chakras are best described as energy centres  in the body,there are literally hundreds of them located throughout but only seven main ones which are most commonly recognized and located in the central channel between the groin and top of the head.
The function of the chakras are too spin and draw energy into the spiritual,mental,emotional and physical body,if all the chakras are healthy and balanced there is a feeling of complete harmony and well being in the body,however if a chakra becomes blocked physical and emotional problems will start to emerge some of which can become serious if left untreated.
So how can we check if our chakras are blocked?
 First of all by how you are feeling do you have a physical pain or feeling emotionally disconnected in some way that is often the first sign that there is a misalignment in the body. If this is the case how can we rectify the blockage? The first thought is through a professional such as a crystal healer or Reiki practitioner who using the…

What is a medicine wheel in Shamanism?

The medicine wheel or sacred hoop as it is sometimes known is the circle of creation and has been used by generations of native American tribes over the centuries for health and healing. It can take on many forms either as an art work or a physical construction on land and follows the rising and setting of the sun in a clockwise direction starting in the East.

Each wheel is divided into four segments which represent the four quarters or directions,each of these segments is represented by a color which represent the four nations and their people,stages of life,seasons,aspects of life and the elements.

The colors of each medicine wheel vary depending on the tribe from which it originates but the intention is always for healing and can be used either on yourself or others. In this materialistic world we live in many people seek comfort and status in possessions,but the shamanic belief is that everything we need to balance our mind,body,emotion and spirit can be found in nature and for th…

The use of resins to promote healing

Resins are used not just by healers and Shamans but are popular in many house holds for the benefits they provide in cleaning the energy and promoting healing. They are available through various sources; oils,sprays,incense or through burning them directly on a charcoal base. It is possible to make your own products but they are commonly available in many stores to purchase which makes it very convenient.
Below is a list of the most common resins used and their uses and benefits in healing.

Californian White sage: Cleanses spaces,tools,antibacterial,heightens intention,resolves negativity.

 Bay leaves/olive:  Very efficient for cleansing spaces.

 Palo Santo: Beneficial for love,creativity,good fortune,protection,grounding,Anxiety.

Dragons blood: Protective,removes darkness, use in oil form on wrists and neck.
Do not use if epileptic

Pinen: Beneficial to give strength, relieves a tired soul.

Copal: Ideal for journeying whilst healing,cleansing,strengthens the 3rd eye.

Myrrh: For release…

Kegel exercises to strengthen the pc muscle

The PC muscle plays an essential part in increasing sexual energy and arousal in men. Some common reasons why it may be difficult to develop and maintain a strong erection can be due to a number of factors including Anxiety, lack of blood supply, blockages in the pelvic area and a weak PC muscle. It is also important to mention that the lingam is directly connected to the heart and the relationship you have with yourself will play a huge part in how the lingam responds. Self-pleasuring is a natural way to connect to your body and enjoy the pleasure it can give you. The PC muscle is the muscle used to control urination and these exercises are very discreet so can be done anywhere at any time. It is essential to be aware of your breathing whilst practicing these exercises so your body is completely relaxed, make sure you are breathing deeply from the abdomen not from the chest and it is advisable to practice them on a daily basis to encourage a stronger erection and more intense orgasms…

What is sexual continence and why is it beneficial to practice it?

Sexual continence is having the perfect mastery over our sexual energies,which is the force responsible for our growth and evolution. Our sexual energy is our life force,it dynamises everything in creation and creates life itself.

Sexual continence is an essential practice in tantra as it teaches us that it is possible to experience pleasure without losing our essential life force energy,therefore full body orgasms are possible without the need for ejaculation. This can at first be a strange concept for a man to understand as they have been led to believe that they can only experience pleasure through ejaculation and by not ejaculating they would feel too frustrated.... so why is this and how can a man learn to understand the benefits of not ejaculating?

Firstly he needs to understand not too associate pleasure solely with ejaculation as orgasm and ejaculation are completely different. It is possible to reach heightened states of orgasm by not ejaculating and therefore preserving the …

The 9 stages of tantric lovemaking

In Tantra love making is not just a physical act but a journey that has a start,beginning and end.
Although yoga and meditation are invaluable tools to help increase personal awareness on one level it is helpful to be able to distinguish between the different stages of being intimate with our partner as by fully immersing ourselves we not only fully engage with our partner but increase our own awareness whilst replenishing our bodies with life force energy also which will increase our overall health and well being.
The different stages are shown below:

The space should be prepared ahead of time,with all the senses catered too,this will help to take your partner out of their intellectual mind and fully into their body. Be aware of the temperature,scent
 and texture plus color of fabrics in the room.before prepare your mind and body to fully co join with your partner.

Make the commitment to yourself and your partner that you will integrate yourself fully in the …

What is energetic massage?

What is energetic massage?
Traditionally massage is performed through physical touch directly onto the skin, however some people do not physically enjoy being touched yet still would like to experience the benefits that massage can provide.
Energetic massage is a way of working with the body directly over the skin but with no physical touch. It is a way of conducting and moving energy, first of all accumulating it at certain points and then directing it upwards to channel the prana energy. Due to working with an energetic touch the sensations are often more pronounced and can create powerful and highly effective results.


The art of Emotional cleansing

Emotional Cleansing
 It  can be  helpful to learn techniques to cleanse the emotional body to help us feel revitalized and think more clearly, shown below are techniques you may find helpful. Fast and easy cleanses Add 2 tablespoons of table salt to a bowl of warm water then soak feet for 10-15 minutes. Make sure once used the bowl is then only used for this purpose.
………………………………………………………….. Add 2 table spoons of Himalayan salt and the juice of 3 limes to a bath, soak for 20 minutes then rinse off skin 7 Day Emotional Cleansing You will need 6 long white candles, or 6 Tea Candles (from any Supermarket), 1 box Epson Salts, 1 Box or plastic Container of Bicarb (Cup Size), 1 small packet of Sea Salt or ordinary household Salt, 1 bottle Honey, 1 bottle Ground Cinnamon, and on the 7th Day 1 Litre Milk. For all 7 Days you must position the lit white candles on the sides of your bath - preferably balanced in old cups or flattish candle holders, ensuring they do not fall over into the …