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What does Tantra mean and what are the principles?

The meaning of Tantra is to weave or expand and the tantric philosophy combines the Shiva male consciousness with the Shakti female energy to create a harmonious union as the ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings entwine to unite love,spirituality and sexuality as one, leading to not only sexual ecstasy but personal healing and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives and this sadly is where tantra is often misunderstood. The authentic intention with regards to practicing such a lifestyle is to place the focus on creating love and intimacy in not only our own lives by learning to care for and nourish our body, but also by honoring others in the same way we give this sacred life choice the respect it truly deserves. 

It is unfortunate that some people do not take the time to fully understand the true meaning of tantra and just assume that it is only connected to sex and erotica,when it is so much more, when practiced correctly it is so powerful that it can change lives in a very positive …

What is Hot Stone Massage and how can it benefit me?

Hot Stone massage incorporates the use of warm volcanic stones directly onto the skin with oil to provide relaxation at the deepest level. The stones which are volcanic(so they absorb the heat) vary in size and shape the rounder ones are generally used to massage the body and the flatter ones as a placement down the sides of the spine or to massage large areas such as the back.

Prior to and during use the stones are warmed in a container of water which ensures the stones are kept at a temperature of between 135-145 degrees centigrade. This is an incredibly therapeutic treatment and as the warmth of the stones penetrate into the muscles a mediative state of harmony is achieved leaving a sense of feeling completely grounded and relaxed.

What are the benefits?

Provides relaxation at the deepest level
Promotes a meditive state of harmony
Balances the flow of energy in the body

What is Hawaiian massage and how can it benefit me?

Hawaiian massage is more commonly known as lomi lomi and originates from Hawaii where traditionally a family member practiced it at home to restore health and well being following injury or illness. Kahuna body work is incorporated and uses powerful techniques to relieve emotional and spiritual blocks and was practiced by the priests previously to encourage healing and transformation on all levels
This style of massage combines soothing contact with activation of the chakra points in the body to give an overrall sense of nurturing and wellbeing with a deeper connection. Each side of the body is worked as a whole with long,continuous strokes down the entire length creating a build up of energy with focussed intention for healing to occur. Great care is given to ensure maximum touch, flowing movements ,a deep Aloha connection and an extended awareness at all times. The combination of these factors create an incredible treatment, encouraging a deeper sense of relaxation which helps the mi…

What is Onsite Massage and what are the benefits?

Corporate booking,Twickenham Stadium London
What is On site massage and what are the benefits?
Onsite Massage otherwise known as Chair massage is often used in workplaces and other public places as an effective way to offer a relaxing massage in a short period of time. A highly beneficial massage can be performed in just 10 minutes and a growing number of businesses are now offering this service to their employees to help boost health,morale and well being in the work place.
The massage is performed on a chair or stool and the client remains fully clothed throughout with no oils being used. The techniques used are based on chinese acupressure incorporating gentle pressure and stretches to the entire upper body but focusing on the back.

There are many benefits to this short but highly effective massage:
Reduces muscular discomfort and tension
Stress levels are reduced
Improves flexibility and movement
Stimulates the circulation,improving toxin elimination
Can be both relaxing and invigorating …