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What is a Yoni massage and what are the reasons for doing it?

The Yoni is the Sanskrit name for the female sexual organs or vagina and is an essential part of a tantric massage.
Throughout history women have been suppressed and were often seen as the 'weaker sex' with some experiencing traumatic experiences such as rape,emotional and physical abuse and in some countries extreme practices such as mutilation of the sexual organs to improve the love making for men but cause huge pain and discomfort for women whilst also depriving them of being able to experience any sexual pleasure for themselves. Modern women today often lead manic lives trying to balance having a career whilst raising a family and it is no surprise that the accumulation of all this stress can cause a huge build up of trauma and blockages which become stored in the body but particularly focusing in the pelvic basin and sexual organs.

  It is only through a loving and gentle Yoni massage that nodules can be broken down and dispersed just like in the rest of the body, howeve…

What is a Lingham massage and what are the reasons for doing it?

The Lingham is the Sanskrit name for the male sexual organ or Penis with its meaning translating to 'wand of light'. In an authentic tantric massage the body is treated as a whole and this includes the sexual organs particularly as the focus of the massage is healing and the majority of trauma is stored in the sexual basin. The prostate and Lingham massage is therefore an essential part of the healing process as the massage helps to release a build up of toxic energy which can cause anger and frustration if left untreated.

The Lingham massage is always performed with great care and respect,honoring the male Shiva energy and encouraging the receiver to open his body to establish a channel of energy between the heart and Lingham, with this comes self love and acceptance which is the first step in releasing trauma and negativity. Pressure in the workplace and at home can cause a man to lose the connection with his body,particularly his Lingham and Stress can over time lead to blo…

What does an authentic Tantric massage involve and what are the benefits?

An authentic tantric massage combines the Shiva male consciousness with the Shakti female energy to create a harmonious union,the joining of these forces create a unique and profound experience that reaches hidden depths that a conventional massage is unable to achieve.  According to the ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings love,Spirituality and Sexuality combine to create a powerful and unforgettable experience which can often be life changing.

Prior to the massage connection rituals are shared to prepare the receiver and encourage the removal of any barriers which in turn allows the mind to go into a deep sense of relaxation and the body to become more open to receiving. The massage is given with empathy and a conscious touch,this heart led non verbal form of communication cannot be under estimated as human beings it is essential for our very existence to feel loved and accepted and have our needs met. Through the power of this touch the heart is encouraged to open leading to the re…