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Understanding the highly sensitive person

20% of the population are highly sensitive known as HSPs for the remaining 80% of the population this minority can often be misunderstood and thought of as 'weak' due to their high sensitivity, which of course is not true. Typical traits of HSPs are they are prone to anxiety, startle easily,sensitive to pain,affected by other peoples moods,does not like change,reacts strongly to sirens or extreme noise,become over whelmed easily,sensitive to caffeine and being hungry,cannot watch violent films and fall in love very easily. Growing up it is likely they had a lack of self confidence and belief in themselves as they were told 'you are too sensitive for your own good' and would be accused of being 'over dramatic' being judged this way by others particularly loved ones who they cared for and respected would therefore make them view their sensitivity as a bad thing and would result in children becoming very self critical of themselves as adults because their fami…

Awakening Intimacy in our personal relationships

From the time we are born the relationships we begin to form become an integral and essential part of our existence, beginning with our mother who brings us into the world as the circle of life constantly evolves ensuring our survival. As we grow from children to adults we become less dependent on our caregivers and learn to establish relationships within ourselves which will be heavily influenced by experiences from our own childhood. For those fortunate enough to have had a secure and affectionate upbringing it will be much easier to form a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves and others,but for those less fortunate it is essential for our own personal growth and development that we learn to form a positive self image as if we do not love and respect our own hearts and bodies we cannot expect that other people will do so.

   If we do not have sufficient grounding in our own bodies and minds we can feel out of control and actively look to outside influences so we can re gai…

The use of plants as aphrodisiacs

In Ayurveda aphrodisiacs can be categorized into two types tonic and stimulants.
 The tonic plants are nourishing and increase the creative potential they compensate if there are energy deficiencies, examples are of these plants are: ginseng,maca,pueraria,ashwaganda,shatavari,atmagupta,lajja,vanilla,liquorice,yam,muirapuama and pollen.
The stimulant plants as the name suggests have a stimulating effect that does not necessarily increase the creative potential but instead dynamises it,examples of these plants are:
cloves,cinnamon,salmali,basil,shivalinga,haritachi,royal jelly,ginger,white pepper,black pepper,red hot chilli pepper,basil,thyme,sweet calamus,rosemary,sage and garlic.

How to take the plants?
The most effective way is to put the amount of powder you want under your tongue for 10-15 minutes. If the plant is spicy you can also chew it but keep bringing it back under your tongue. As you become familiar with the taste of the plant you will begin to notice the sensations that ap…
The use of aphrodisiacs in Tantra. The term 'aphrodisiac' can often be interpreted initially as something that stimulates arousal or increases the sexual appetite. However they are also part of a natural therapeutic range which helps to strengthen and improve all functions in the body. An important aspect of this is not to create an artificial increase in energy but to dynamise the potential we already have self contained within us which is more then adequate as even a small percentage of our sexual fluids can generate more energy then that of an atomic bomb! The focus therefore is not to increase the level but to learn how to utilize it,we all carry this immense energy which is synthesized into a substance that is easily lost,in women through the menstrual cycle and men through ejaculation,hence we need to constantly replenish it. In Ayurveda the Sanskrit name for an aphrodisiac is vajikarana meaning to mobilize,make active and power. It is said that these aphrodisiacs can prov…