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Secret Erogenous zones of the Zodiac signs

Every astrological star sign has a secret zone in the body which is particularly sensitive,by applying a gentle and erotic touch in these relevant areas you can be sure to set the temperature rising,inevitably increasing their sexual energy. During a tantric treatment this prior knowledge can be invaluable to help raise the kundalini sexual healing energy,alternatively in personal relationships it can provide that added little pleasure between you and you partner.
 Here are the Star signs of the zodiac listed with the individual areas from the top of the head to the feet with the corresponding sign.

Aries          (March 21st - April 20th)                             Head,face,hair Taurus        (April 21st - May 21st)                                Nape of neck Gemini       (May 22nd -June 21st)                                Hands and arms Cancer        (June 22nd - July 23rd)                              Chest and breast Leo             (July 24th - August 23rd)                    …

Erogenous zones in the human body (excluding the sexual organs)

An important aspect of not only Tantric massage but being able to fully communicate with your partner physically are the discovery and touching of the erogenous zones,the energy created massaging these sensitive areas can lead to stimulation and awakening throughout the entire body.

These zones contain a large number of nerve endings condensed in each area hence the heightened sensitivity which is experienced through different forms of touch and caressing. Through a loving touch the energy created and experienced by the receiver will lead to a greater capacity to receive and embrace pleasure leading to heightened emotions and possibly orgasms as the body responds to the state of bliss these highly sensitive areas can provide.

You do not need to be an experienced therapist to give pleasure through touch to your partner or client it is essential however that you have the right intention and to simply linger your touch in these areas, the pleasure is directed towards the receiver and not…

The importance of Polarity in Tantra

The definition of Polarity is the property of having poles or being 'polar'. In Tantra it is essential to have prior knowledge of these poles as they effect us all as human beings universally.  They exist as separate creations and yet harmonize together to form one union.

The first pole is the feminine energy or Shakti as it is known in Sanskrit, this represents the birth of creation,power,energy,force and is often personified as a Goddess.  This energy is within everything we see ...the river flowing, the power supply running through our homes,she makes your muscles work and your heart beat, but she cannot function alone,she needs to be balanced. This becomes possible with the addition of the second pole known as Shiva.

Shiva complements Shakti as both poles combine to amplify the energy around us. Shiva represents consciousness,stillness and presence,he uses his knowledge to guide Shakti and is responsible for awakening the feminine energy of her heart and soul. The male Pe…

What is body to body massage and what are the benefits?

Body to Body massage is a style of massage where the therapist uses every part of their body to massage the clients body, the receivers of this style of massage are usually men and the givers female  but sometimes these roles can reverse as genders gain pleasure and enjoyment from this unique experience.

Due to the nature of this massage the energy which is built up and created is much stronger and more profound then a standard 'Swedish style massage' and when incorporated into a Tantric massage it can increase the experience significantly as the new sensations created can make this treatment truly unforgettable. Prior to the massage commencing Tantric connection rituals are shared,these are essential elements as they prepare both receiver and giver to encourage a sense of trust and connection with no emotional or physical barriers and induce a sense of relaxation. Both parties will then de robe and the giver will at first create a build up of sensations on the receivers skin …

What is a Shaman and what is Shamanic healing?

Shaman is an Evenki word from Siberia meaning one who “sees” or “penetrates to the source.” SHAMANS ARE LOCAL LEADERS WHO PERCEIVE THE FUNDAMENTAL NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE AND SEE THE BIG PICTURE. Around the world shamans are called by many local names, among them sorcerer, healer or curandero/a, walker between the worlds, medicine man/woman, priest, transformer, psychopomp and so on. Shamans may inherit the role from their ancestors, come into it by surviving an accident or disease, display talent for it as a child, or merely seek training on their own. Both males and females function as shamans for their communities although women often raise their children first. Generally, to become a shaman requires a many years of rigorous apprenticeship with many tests and initiations along the way.
Not everyone who begins their training succeeds at becoming a shaman. Some even may die in the process. Shamans are typically high functioning people-highly respected by their communities …

What is soul retrieval and why is is performed?

Shamanic practice acknowledges the presence of spirit,wisdom and healing energy in all things. Since the ancient times Shamen have discovered and practiced the 'medicine' within and beyond this world and have used this connection for the benefit of all mankind.

A huge part of Shamanic healing is the release of trauma from the receivers body,soul retrieval is a very powerful and highly effective practice and is performed to reconnect and repair the soul.  The Shamans belief is that if a traumatic event happens to an individual which is not justified, at that particular moment of the trauma happening a part of the receivers soul will be fragmented or lost.  The Shamans role is too try to repair or bring back the soul by gently unpicking the complex tapestry of the receivers emotional state.  This must be done with great care and skill as souls that have been fragmented or lost are not always ready to be repaired or return to the body.

It can also happen during a healing that the…