A guide to Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in the lives of parents to be,it is also however a time when hormonal changes can play a major part in the emotional and physical well being of all expectant mums.
Pregnancy massage can be hugely beneficial in easing discomfort and reducing anxiety which can be so common particularly with the first baby and is a wonderful way to bond with your upcoming arrival!
It is advised that the massage is only performed after the first three months by a proffessional when the pregnancy is more stable and also to seek permission from your Dr prior to the treatment. The safest oils to use are pure and organic plant based which contain no essential oils,there are some essential oils which can be highly beneficial however the majority contain chemicals which can absorb into the body and affect the babies circulatory system. Deep tissue massage should not be included and massage over the abdomen only with great care.
The massage is generally performed with mums to be laying on their side in the 'recovery position' or seated with lots of cushions for support.

Common benefits of pregnancy massage include the following:

Eases muscular discomfort and Anxiety
Reduces sciatica pain in the lower back and legs
Promotes deeper and more effective breathing
Reduces swelling in the legs and ankles through increased lymphatic drainage
Improves the appearance of stretch marks and skin discoloration


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