What is Hawaiian massage and how can it benefit me?

Hawaiian massage is more commonly known as lomi lomi and originates from Hawaii where traditionally a family member practiced it at home to restore health and well being following injury or illness. Kahuna body work is incorporated and uses powerful techniques to relieve emotional and spiritual blocks and was practiced by the priests previously to encourage healing and transformation on all levels
This style of massage combines soothing contact with activation of the chakra points in the body to give an overrall sense of nurturing and wellbeing with a deeper connection. Each side of the body is worked as a whole with long,continuous strokes down the entire length creating a build up of energy with focussed intention for healing to occur.
Great care is given to ensure maximum touch, flowing movements ,a deep Aloha connection and an extended awareness at all times. The combination of these factors create an incredible treatment, encouraging a deeper sense of relaxation which helps the mind to release and in turn the body, producing a catalyst for positive change on all levels.
The experience of receiving can be truly unforgettable, following the treatment feelings of release and revitalisation can be felt which continue for some time after the initial treatment.
What are the benefits?
Enhances all aspects of health and well being
Increases self awareness
Relieves Stress,trauma,self esteem issues
Allows the body to reach a deeper sense of relaxation
Restores well being,can alter perception of self
Expands possibilities,cleanses and detoxifies
Improves the fluid systems of the body
Awakens aliveness,inspires confidence and enthusiasm.
Relieves Stress and tension from the body and mind


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