What is Hot Stone Massage and how can it benefit me?

Hot Stone massage incorporates the use of warm volcanic stones directly onto the skin with oil to provide relaxation at the deepest level. The stones which are volcanic(so they absorb the heat) vary in size and shape the rounder ones are generally used to massage the body and the flatter ones as a placement down the sides of the spine or to massage large areas such as the back.

Prior to and during use the stones are warmed in a container of water which ensures the stones are kept at a temperature of between 135-145 degrees centigrade. This is an incredibly therapeutic treatment and as the warmth of the stones penetrate into the muscles a mediative state of harmony is achieved leaving a sense of feeling completely grounded and relaxed.

What are the benefits?

Provides relaxation at the deepest level
Promotes a meditive state of harmony
Balances the flow of energy in the body



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