What is Onsite Massage and what are the benefits?

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What is On site massage and what are the benefits?

Onsite Massage otherwise known as Chair massage is often used in workplaces and other public places as an effective way to offer a relaxing massage in a short period of time. A highly beneficial massage can be performed in just 10 minutes and a growing number of businesses are now offering this service to their employees to help boost health,morale and well being in the work place.
The massage is performed on a chair or stool and the client remains fully clothed throughout with no oils being used. The techniques used are based on chinese acupressure incorporating gentle pressure and stretches to the entire upper body but focussing on the back.

There are many benefits to this short but highly effective massage:
Reduces muscular discomfort and tension
Stress levels are reduced
Improves flexibility and movement
Stimulates the circulation,improving toxin elimination
Can be both relaxing and invigorating depending on clients request.


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