What does an authentic Tantric massage involve and what are the benefits?

An authentic tantric massage combines the Shiva male consciousness with the Shakti female energy to create a harmonious union,the joining of these forces create a unique and profound experience that reaches hidden depths that a conventional massage is unable to achieve.  According to the ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings love,Spirituality and Sexuality combine to create a powerful and unforgettable experience which can often be life changing.

Prior to the massage connection rituals are shared to prepare the receiver and encourage the removal of any barriers which in turn allows the mind to go into a deep sense of relaxation and the body to become more open to receiving. The massage is given with empathy and a conscious touch,this heart led non verbal form of communication cannot be under estimated as human beings it is essential for our very existence to feel loved and accepted and have our needs met. Through the power of this touch the heart is encouraged to open leading to the removal of emotional blockages,suppressed trauma and body armor which we put in place to protect ourselves but which actually hinders our growth and spiritual development. Trauma in the body is released using a variety of techniques including deep body work,breath and sound.

When the heart is open and body is in a state of deep relaxation the kundalini can be released,this sexual energy which travels up the path of the spine and through the channels of the body is the most powerful life force we possess and is capable of completely regenerating our bodies and minds leading to feelings of total well being and ecstasy. An authentic practitioner will always stay present during the treatment,listening to the body and giving it what it needs at that particular time. A safe space will be held for the receiver as the kundalini life force realigns the chakras, and heals the body through sacred touch. As this sexual energy spreads throughout the body it is only natural for the receiver to feel sexual pleasure and this is welcomed as in doing so their own boundaries can be explored but it is not the main focus of the treatment.
Unfortunately this is where tantra is often misunderstood and misinterpreted  an authentic tantric massage always has the focus on healing the body and other feelings that arise should be celebrated but never intended as the primary goal.

In Tantra the body is treated as a whole,which includes the sexual organs,which can lead to further confusion about the ethical reasons of the massage. The reason the Lingham (male sexual organ) and Yoni (female sexual organ) are included is very simple,they are part of our physical body,they share the same blood supply and are attached to our body and therefore should not be treated any differently. The sexual organs also form a direct connection to the heart and due to previous emotional distress and blockages sexual malfunctions can occur. The majority of trauma is held in the pelvic basin in men and women therefore by including the sexual organs the healing in the body is escalated and becomes more profound. A Lingham or Yoni massage is therefore an essential part of the ritual with each part always being treated with great care and respect.

An authentic Tantric massage is an experience unlike any other,the giver and receiver are connected throughout as they embark on a deeply profound journey of self discovery that rejuvenates our physiological, emotional,psychological and spiritual health,leaving the body and mind in a different dimension and our well being and connection with ourselves completely transformed.

Benefits of tantric massage include:

Aids in release of unresolved trauma
Process and releases body toxins
Connects mind,body,spirit and sexuality as one
Encourages release of negative emotions
Stimulates life force Prana energy
Promotes healing from sexual health issues
Enhances relationships through a deeper connection
Unites both male and female energy
Gives feelings of equilibrium and calmness
Increases self confidence
Removes sexual shame and gives a renewed interest in sexual relationships

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