What is a Lingham massage and what are the reasons for doing it?

The Lingham is the Sanskrit name for the male sexual organ or Penis with its meaning translating to 'wand of light'. In an authentic tantric massage the body is treated as a whole and this includes the sexual organs particularly as the focus of the massage is healing and the majority of trauma is stored in the sexual basin. The prostate and Lingham massage is therefore an essential part of the healing process as the massage helps to release a build up of toxic energy which can cause anger and frustration if left untreated.

The Lingham massage is always performed with great care and respect,honoring the male Shiva energy and encouraging the receiver to open his body to establish a channel of energy between the heart and Lingham, with this comes self love and acceptance which is the first step in releasing trauma and negativity. Pressure in the workplace and at home can cause a man to lose the connection with his body,particularly his Lingham and Stress can over time lead to blockages forming and a lack of blood supply causing sexual issues such as erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculation. A Tantric massage performed with the right intention and compassion can be highly effective in not only helping a man reconnect to his body and sexuality but also to remove the trauma and blockages which can cause many problems for him both physically and emotionally.

During the massage the man is encouraged to simply relax and receive with no expectations which can prove challenging as the massage can be stimulating the Lingham can be flaccid or erect depending on the receivers age and emotional state at the time,the strokes will be adjusted accordingly but the effects will be equally beneficial and the sensations experienced just as pleasurable. A combination of many different strokes and grips are performed with love from the giver which is transmitted to the receiver so he may feel that energy during the treatment which can prove highly arousing but also very comforting. It is essential that the connection between the giver and receiver is based on mutual respect and trust only when that is established can healing occur.

When the receiver reaches the point where he feels he is in a safe space and is able to accept the nurturing being offered to him the benefits are immense and include increased self confidence, relief from sexual health issues and due to a re established connection to his body and Lingham the ability to control his sexual desires not only for only for his own pleasure but by learning to prolong ejaculation he is able to fully satisfy his partner and therefore improve the relationship with both himself and his partner dramatically.

During the Lingham massage the giver and receiver remain connected at all times with the receiver  being taken on a journey of self discovery where he is encouraged to let go of control and his inhibitions so he is able to fully experience the pleasure and emotions which will be experienced. It is important to note that in an authentic tantric massage there is no goal and no expectations the focus is purely on healing and in order to achieve this there must be a build up of Prana,this sexual energy is encouraged through a loving touch and a variety of specific strokes. When the point of ejaculation becomes close the massage is paused so the build up of sexual energy can be spread around the body to invigorate and remove blockages. This cycle is repeated numerous times and is sometimes known as 'edging' as the receiver is taken to the edge and back to intensify the sensations. The build up and distribution of this sexual pleasure is intense and can often lead to full body orgasms which are so much more powerful and beneficial then the normal genital ones.

When a man is in his youth he often takes his constant source of sexual energy for granted, however as he matures this sexual energy gradually depletes. Every time a man ejaculates energy is required which initially comes from the sexual organs,when that supply has been exhausted the energy is taken from the other organs in the body which over time will decrease his health,well being and ultimately his life span. For this reason it is recommended that as a man matures he gradually decreases the frequency with which he ejaculates and after the age of 60 it is advisable that he no longer does so.
Many men associate that in order to reach full orgasm and pleasure he must ejaculate but actually the reverse is true. If he is able to establish an effective connection with his Lingham and learn to control his sexual energy he is capable of reaching full body orgasms without ejaculating and therefore gaining the full pleasure without endangering his health or well being.

For some men reading this article they may not be able to relate to this or understand so here are two common examples, when a sports person is preparing for an event they are encouraged to abstain from sexual activity the night before so that on the day their bodies are in an optimum state and they are able to give a peak performance as the energy supply instead of being depleted has been reabsorbed back into the body to provide strength and vitality.
Another example is after love making a man will often feel exhausted and simply want to sleep as following ejaculation the body needs to recover following the exhursion placed on the body during the ejaculation process.

A Tantric massage including the Lingham is therefore so much more then simply giving pleasure, it is a chance for the giver to encourage the receiver to break down barriers,release blockages and re establish the connection with his body. The intention of an authentic tantric massage is never sexual and should not be confused with other massages offering 'sexual services' these treatments almost always encourage the receiver to ejaculate as quickly as possible which is not only damaging to the well being of the body but makes it impossible to establish the heart connection which is so essential for the healing to occur and which makes this sacred therapy so effective and beneficial.


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