What is a Yoni massage and what are the reasons for doing it?

The Yoni is the Sanskrit name for the female sexual organs or vagina and is an essential part of a tantric massage.
Throughout history women have been suppressed and were often seen as the 'weaker sex' with some experiencing traumatic experiences such as rape,emotional and physical abuse and in some countries extreme practices such as mutilation of the sexual organs to improve the love making for men but cause huge pain and discomfort for women whilst also depriving them of being able to experience any sexual pleasure for themselves. Modern women today often lead manic lives trying to balance having a career whilst raising a family and it is no surprise that the accumulation of all this stress can cause a huge build up of trauma and blockages which become stored in the body but particularly focusing in the pelvic basin and sexual organs.

  It is only through a loving and gentle Yoni massage that nodules can be broken down and dispersed just like in the rest of the body, however due to the nature of this sensitive area great care must be taken as the Yoni will only open when the receiver feels safe and completely relaxed if the massage is in any way forced or rushed it will close and further trauma will occur in this area.
 The Yoni massage is always performed at the end of the Tantric session to ensure the receiver is completely relaxed and permission is sought before proceeding. The massage can either be painful or arousing depending on the receivers life experiences and trauma will immediately be noticeable particularly if it is sexually related and if that is the case it may take a few sessions of just body work or massaging the outer area before the receiver feels ready to open up to healing. If no trauma is present  it is likely that the receiver will find the massage highly enjoyable and it is possible she can experience an combination of all three orgasms ; clitoris,g spot and vagina which will allow her to achieve full sexual fulfillment.

 It is always advisable that in order to balance the polarities the massage is performed by a member of the opposite sex this is particularly true if there is trauma present especially sexually related in this case for a woman to receive a loving and gentle Yoni massage from a male practitioner will be highly beneficial in not only releasing trauma but also to re program  the Yoni to feel safe once again.
    The Yoni massage can be so beneficial for the receiver as through exploring her own boundaries sexuality is developed and guilt and shame removed,a greater interest in love making can be achieved as she is able to simply let go and experience the pleasure.Unlike the Lingham massage ejaculation and the release of Amrita can be hugely beneficial as cells containing trauma are stored in the fluid and once released the toxic cells are no longer present in the body and healing can occur.

In an authentic tantric massage the Yoni is like the Lingham an essential part of the treatment with the focus being on healing and developing sexuality in a safe and nurturing environment and encouraging the receiver to connect the heart and sexual organs to create a greater degree of  self love and respect for her body, when this channel opens the kundalini energy is capable of making powerful  shifts, this loving connection can disperse trauma , raise self esteem  and improve  confidence resulting in personal lives and relationships being transformed for the better in the long term .   


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