Erogenous zones in the human body (excluding the sexual organs)

An important aspect of not only Tantric massage but being able to fully communicate with your partner physically are the discovery and touching of the erogenous zones,the energy created massaging these sensitive areas can lead to stimulation and awakening throughout the entire body.

These zones contain a large number of nerve endings condensed in each area hence the heightened sensitivity which is experienced through different forms of touch and caressing. Through a loving touch the energy created and experienced by the receiver will lead to a greater capacity to receive and embrace pleasure leading to heightened emotions and possibly orgasms as the body responds to the state of bliss these highly sensitive areas can provide.

You do not need to be an experienced therapist to give pleasure through touch to your partner or client it is essential however that you have the right intention and to simply linger your touch in these areas, the pleasure is directed towards the receiver and not the giver,experiment with different degrees of touch and watch your partners or clients reactions to see how it is received. Here are the most erotic zones in no particular order,excluding the obvious sexual organs.

Inner arms and arm pits
Back of thighs(especially for men!)
Inner thighs
Behind knees
Inside of elbow
Nape of neck

Enjoy and happy exploring!


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