The importance of Polarity in Tantra

The definition of Polarity is the property of having poles or being 'polar'. In Tantra it is essential to have prior knowledge of these poles as they effect us all as human beings universally.  They exist as separate creations and yet harmonize together to form one union.

The first pole is the feminine energy or Shakti as it is known in Sanskrit, this represents the birth of creation,power,energy,force and is often personified as a Goddess.  This energy is within everything we see ...the river flowing, the power supply running through our homes,she makes your muscles work and your heart beat, but she cannot function alone,she needs to be balanced. This becomes possible with the addition of the second pole known as Shiva.

Shiva complements Shakti as both poles combine to amplify the energy around us. Shiva represents consciousness,stillness and presence,he uses his knowledge to guide Shakti and is responsible for awakening the feminine energy of her heart and soul. The male Penis is known as the Lingam which translates to 'wand of light', the female vagina is known as the Yoni which translates to 'dark cave', for life to be created the light must enter the dark cave just as light cannot exist without dark Shakti cannot exist without Shiva and Shiva cannot exist without Shakti who is the creation of life yet she cannot awaken without the shivalic pole.

These two poles combine to fuel our entire existence and create the ever changing path of evolution making us powerful and successful in our professional and personal relationships. The problems start to arise if the two poles are not balanced or if one is suppressed.  An example is a feminine Shakti energy entering a very male orientated Shiva environment,there will be a pressure to prove herself and compete with her male colleagues,  to enable the Shakti to do this her Shiva pole will increase and the Shakti decrease causing an imbalance. Another example is a masculine energy Shiva, who has lost contact with his feminine Shakti traits such as love and compassion,he allows the Shiva to dominate and again the Shakti pole declines.

Quantum physics recognizes that energy is in everything around us from the food we eat to the air we breathe,it is essential practice in Tantra to learn to become conscious and aware of the present in order to fully awaken and live our lives in peace and happiness and so it is that Shakti will also look to Shiva to provide guidance and Shiva will always look to Shakti to provide life and harmony.  Living our lives with vitality and direction  is essential for healing and  we rely on this power which is created through the merging of these two poles to open the channels of the body so blockages can be removed and we can learn to resonate in the balanced and harmonious energy we are then able to create..

Just as light needs dark,day needs night and yin needs yang we need Shiva and Shakti equally as without the presence of both we become shadows of our very being,empty vessels which are life less such is the power of these two poles harmonizing together as one.


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