What is soul retrieval and why is is performed?

Shamanic practice acknowledges the presence of spirit,wisdom and healing energy in all things. Since the ancient times Shamen have discovered and practiced the 'medicine' within and beyond this world and have used this connection for the benefit of all mankind.

A huge part of Shamanic healing is the release of trauma from the receivers body,soul retrieval is a very powerful and highly effective practice and is performed to reconnect and repair the soul.  The Shamans belief is that if a traumatic event happens to an individual which is not justified, at that particular moment of the trauma happening a part of the receivers soul will be fragmented or lost.  The Shamans role is too try to repair or bring back the soul by gently unpicking the complex tapestry of the receivers emotional state.  This must be done with great care and skill as souls that have been fragmented or lost are not always ready to be repaired or return to the body.

It can also happen during a healing that the cause of the main trauma is not actually connected to what was initially thought to be the issue but something else entirely,such is the complication and depth of our emotions as multilayered and deeply complex human beings.  The fragmented soul in need of healing may not even be from this lifetime,trauma can live on in the soul through past lives,ever present as an underlying current which can lay dormant for many years before resurfacing back to search for healing in the current life time. It is important to discover the trigger point of the trauma then from the top or surface layer before gradually working through all the other layers to find the root cause which is often deep down hidden in the deepest layer of the soul.  Only then can the healing process truly begin.

It is possible to perform soul retrieval multiple times on the same person,working with different issues each time, however it is essential that adequate time is left between each session before the next trauma is confronted and the soul is healed as the recovery time can vary between each individual.  During the session an appropriate resin such as Copal (helps the Shaman to journey so they can help the receiver more) or Dragons blood (protects from negative entities which may arise) is burnt before and during the session and crystals used in the space and with the receiver to protect and guide them on their journey.

Prior to treatment the room is prepared accordingly and throughout the session the Shaman will consult and listen to his guides in what ever form they may come. The Shaman will then give an initial consultation as it is essential that the receiver is deemed to be in a fit emotional state before the treatment can occur.  Once the receiver has been prepared they will be taken on a life changing journey which will be very emotional but deeply healing as they are taken to the depth of their soul. It is common during this process that they enter a deeply relaxed and meditative state and with each session varying, the time can take from minutes to days to achieve the required result. Following the session the space is closed down and the receiver is grounded and protected,aftercare advice follows and rest is advised in the days following as this is often a deeply healing but also exhausting experience as issues that may have laid dormant for many years are brought out and explored to provide the healing and peace of mind that the receiver requires.


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