Awakening the Shakti female femininity

In these modern times we live in the world around us has become very masculine as men and women both strive to succeed in their careers and lives. Femininity has been suppressed by this strive for power and control and although as women we possess both masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energy it is important that we are able to fully embrace and accept this connection to Shakti and what it means to be a woman so we can embrace the feminine qualities it embodies.
Shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Power' or 'Energy' and every woman has the potential to fully engage and connection with this vibration yet as women sometimes we lack the self confidence or ability to fully realize this incredible power which is limit less that we naturally have within our beings. So what does it mean to connect with our Shakti? In simple terms to enjoy and embrace feeling feminine and being a woman,be open to developing love,compassion,empathy,nurturing and softness it is possible to have these qualities yet still hold onto our personal power and not compromise our own principles or beliefs.
If a woman is able to accept and fully embrace what it means to be a woman these feminine channels will naturally open and as the feminine qualities grow her personal power does not diminish but increases and grows significantly as she is no longer governed by fear or doubt but by an abundance of self love and acceptance. It is possible for her to be conscious of all the feminine senses and yet still have the capacity to experience pleasure in all forms,allowing eroticism to manifest and feel she is free to enjoy and experience sexual pleasure free of judgement. and without compromising any of her femininity.
So how can a woman connect to her feminine Shakti energy?To start on her journey she must first of all fully embrace and accept her woman hood and the responsibility that brings she is the creator of life and her body and mind is the very foundation of evolution. It is important to cultivate all the feminine qualities and to let go of or choose not to let negative attributes affect these qualities from developing. If a woman is able to do this and start to connect to her inner Shakti she will become a huge source of power as the cosmic woman within begins to transform her life due to this universal feminine power we all as women have within us,we just have to be open to connecting to it.
Her personal relationships will also improve significantly as she embraces this new found power and understands the fundamental differences between men and women,as her femininity increases her inner Shakti will come to life through the adoration of not only her own belief in herself but the adoration of her partners Shiva masculine energy. Shakti needs Shiva to survive,one without the other cannot exist. With the combination of the polarities forming a mutual respect feelings of love will create a harmonious and beautiful union and partnership in every aspect of our lives and relationships.


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