Awakening the Shiva male masculinity

From a very young age boys start to become fascinated with their bodies and in particular the Lingam! It is very important that a man develops a positive relationship with this organ as it plays a major part in developing male sexuality and is the gateway to not only pleasure for himself and others but personal attributes such as self confidence and well being through his childhood and into his adult life. Learning to understand and respect his Lingam plays an integral part in learning about and developing his masculinity and what defines him as a man.
The word 'Shiva' comes from the Sanskrit meaning 'the auspicious one' and together with Brahma and Vishnu Shiva is one of the three supreme gods in Hinduism,the lord of destruction and reproduction. Just as the female Shakti is the power of creation,Shiva is needed to direct the Shakti energy and put things into action,therefore the typical masculine attributes of courage,strength and fortitude are all shivalic qualities which are important for a man to embrace.
The meaning of the word Lingam is 'pillar of light' and in spiritual terms the Lingam represents the spinal column in the body,an upright central channel which connects to the heart directly and links all the chakras together.The Lingam is where shivalic consciousness manifests itself most powerfully.
The virility of a man has different levels which combine the physical,mental and emotional bodies,it is therefore essential that a man learns to connect to his own heart and form a loving and positive relationship with himself before he can expand to connect to others. The heart and Lingam form a direct connection and if he is fully connected he will gain the ability to merge with absolute consciousness and have the necessary knowledge and skills to fully polarize his own energy and therefore become more powerful.
An interesting fact that many people do not realize but is actually relativity simple to understand is for a relationship to operate at an optimum level one important aspect is that the male Lingam should be able to completely fill the female yoni to ensure sexual compatibility and avoid any frustrations causing problems within the relationship. Too further enhance his relationship if a man learns to ejaculate less often to preserve his life force(sperm is naturally absorbed back into the body) and to understand that orgasm is possible without ejaculation therefore experiencing pleasure without causing damage to the body he will inevitably become a better lover as by preserving his life force energy through not ejaculating and learning self control he will strengthen his resolve and his pelvic muscles meaning a stronger and longer lasting erection and a happy partner also!
The Shiva male is able to form a powerful connection to his heart,as ego and pride are replaced with love,this heart connection means that his future actions no matter how masculine become naturally more gentle and sublime resulting in a true sense of not only his own masculinity but a step further on his journey towards spiritual enlightenment and complete peace of mind.
It will give him the courage to speak the truth and too focus his mind as without a mental focus there can be no spiritual evolution.
Daily mediation can be very beneficial to teach him how to recognize and respect the polarity in not only his own body but in others,this in turn will assist in gaining balance in relationships which will become instantly more harmonious simply by becoming conscious and by each partner respecting the polarity aspects of each other creating harmony and mutual respect with in them selves and one another.


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