The significance of the Shamanic Tree

From the beginning of time and creation man has relied on nature to exist,develop and survive and in shamanic cosmology the cosmic tree forms a unique connection to the human spirit. We only have to look at our own fingerprints to see the similarity between the rings on the trunk of a tree or too experience first hand as human beings how we thrive when we feel loved and cared for but when self love is lacking or we are declined of attention our health and well being is affected and starts to diminish.Well documented research has proven with positive energy and love plants will thrive and grow but when neglected they will start to wither and die,as fascinating as this is however the similarities do not end there.

  To survive we rely on our heart beating pumping blood to the essential organs of the body,just like us trees have a' heart beat' but only much slower as water is pumped every two hours up through the roots of the tree to nourish and feed the trunk and branches as it contracts and expands,this natural heart beat transfers the necessary nutrients which are essential for the tree to survive and grow.In order to be understood we have to communicate to pass on information as human beings this is often done verbally or through expression,just like us trees and plants have a consciousness,they recognize chemicals,sense gravity and have a memory. Their form of communication is through the fungi in the soil where they converse and if danger or change is imminent the nutrients from that particular tree will be transferred to another so they are not wasted.

In order to preserve our energy and function at an optimal rate sleep is essential to our well being,trees are no different it has been proven that as sunlight diminishes and nightfall approaches the branches of the Birch tree will dip and fall as the lack of fuel makes it necessary for the tree to conserve energy.

 We only need to truly observe a tree too see how much we can relate, the roots anchor the tree to the earth,you can not see them but know that they are there just like the spiritual path we choose to embark upon remains hidden to the eye but is fully aware in our belief system and consciousness.
From the roots to the trunk which is the heart of the tree,the outer bark protects from the ailments of the weather preserving the intricate system that exists within the tree just like our own skin and muscles protect our vital organs from harm. Moving up to the branches which expand outwards and grow encouraging us to do the same not be afraid to develop ourselves spiritually as we gain healing and awareness from the green leaves of the tree which resonate with our heart chakra to encourage love and compassion to ourselves and others.

Delving even deeper into these similarities the shamanic view is that each tree has three separate realms which although are linked all represent very different aspects of our spiritual being and during initiation the shaman is able to travel between all three of these zones,consisting of the lower realm,middle realm and upper realm.

The lower realm is the roots of the tree and relates to the underworld of our beings,this is the part of ourselves we do not always want to see or accept,it is our shadow self,it is not evil or demonic but just like ying and yang need each other to balance we need to be willing to accept the good with the bad and be able to ask ourselves the questions which are sometimes necessary. this is the realm where the power animals are often present and can help us on our journey to self discovery and to provide the guidance that we are searching for.

The middle realm is the trunk of the tree,everything earthy and natural is contained here,it is the here and now present day life of the real world we live in where we can ask questions and gain the answers we require. The upper realm of the tree is the higher wisdom,found in the branches it is here that our ancestors,guardian angels,spirit guides and heavenly bodies exist. It is a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

After reading this article I hope it has given you a new found understanding of this powerful connection we share with nature by simply touching or hugging a tree our bodes are filled with a serene energy and our minds become calmer and feel more balanced which only goes to prove we are all connected on a scientific,philosophical and spiritual level,we just need to learn from it so we can embrace and appreciate this unique and very special connection we share.


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