Awakening Intimacy in our personal relationships

From the time we are born the relationships we begin to form become an integral and essential part of our existence, beginning with our mother who brings us into the world as the circle of life constantly evolves ensuring our survival. As we grow from children to adults we become less dependent on our caregivers and learn to establish relationships within ourselves which will be heavily influenced by experiences from our own childhood. For those fortunate enough to have had a secure and affectionate upbringing it will be much easier to form a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves and others,but for those less fortunate it is essential for our own personal growth and development that we learn to form a positive self image as if we do not love and respect our own hearts and bodies we cannot expect that other people will do so.

   If we do not have sufficient grounding in our own bodies and minds we can feel out of control and actively look to outside influences so we can re gain our personal power we are desperately searching for this can take the form of substance abuse, eating disorders, toxic friendships or emotionally unavailable relationships. All of these emotional crutches will inevitably bring us disappointment  and feelings of shame. It is therefore essential that before we learn to let another into our personal space we ensure that we feel completely empowered in our own beings first,it is not only unrealistic but completely unfair to expect someone or something else to 'complete us' or replenish our energy we must learn to love ourselves first as that is the most important relationship we will ever have.

As human beings we are flesh and blood and too love and feel loved is essential to our well being and happiness,we can very often have preferences for a particular type which we find attractive,however this can often radically change if there is a true meeting of the souls as love can be unpredictable and can never be planned or forced. It can sometimes surprise us as we start to see someone in our daily circle with fresh eyes as feelings change or fate can put us in the path of the person we were destined to meet when the energy's align and the time is right it will happen. We then take a chance with our hearts as we put the trust to our new companion that they will honor and respect our minds and bodies too further enrich the  love we currently hold in our own hearts.

Sometimes we find our life partner early on in our life this has its advantages but also its disadvantages. The advantages are that you do not have to endure disappointments or loneliness and have the security we all crave to feel safe and cared for however this also means that a lack of  partners can mean you are inexperienced  and therefore can lack confidence not only sexually but within yourself, life experience can be invaluable as it gives us a chance to explore what our desires and needs are physically,sexually and emotionally. A lack of sexual explorations before embarking on a committed relationship can leave us feeling frustrated and curious as to other possibilities that we have not explored. Religious education and years of conditioning from our families and society cast shame on casual encounters however if by participating you are able to gain clarity in your own life and what you are looking for it can mean the partner you do choose will be much more compatible,eliminating any danger of straying or infidelity as you are both able to nourish each other completely in body,mind and soul.

We all deserve to find love and it is our basic birthright,however to experience pleasure in its many forms is equally important to live a full and meaningful existence. Love is very often not the person we imagine to be in our lives but is the person who we cannot be without as they are essential to our happiness and well being. Some people are happy to settle with a partner who does not fulfill all their needs just to have someone there or perhaps they wish to have children or feel they are getting older and running out of time. These relationships serve a purpose  but will never completely fulfill us as we feel we have to compromise or we will end up alone, however if you have sufficient love in your heart you are never alone in a world with a population of billions of people how can we ever be alone that is a fear that society tell us and is completely unfounded. However not everyone is able to be alone and that is understandable what is important is that our personal relationship with ourself and our partner brings us contentment and fulfillment in all the aspects of our lives that are important to us resulting in a secure,loving and respectful relationship that will not only be an assert to our own lives but will stand the test of time.



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