The use of aphrodisiacs in Tantra.
The term 'aphrodisiac' can often be interpreted initially as something that stimulates arousal or increases the sexual appetite. However they are also part of a natural therapeutic range which helps to strengthen and improve all functions in the body. An important aspect of this is not to create an artificial increase in energy but to dynamise the potential we already have self contained within us which is more then adequate as even a small percentage of our sexual fluids can generate more energy then that of an atomic bomb!
The focus therefore is not to increase the level but to learn how to utilize it,we all carry this immense energy which is synthesized into a substance that is easily lost,in women through the menstrual cycle and men through ejaculation,hence we need to constantly replenish it.
In Ayurveda the Sanskrit name for an aphrodisiac is vajikarana meaning to mobilize,make active and power. It is said that these aphrodisiacs can provide the strength of a horse,in many traditions this is seen as a symbol of sexual power. The reason to create this power is that the bigger the energy the higher the intensity and transformation of matter into energy which can then be used. For example the more we make love the more energy we turn into higher states of consciousness! The more energy we have the faster we are able to evolve.
Too use an aphrodisiac correctly it is essential for us to have a harmonious and vital physical and emotional body as health is a guarantee of virility. If our health is affected we will not be able to experience pleasure as intensely. A healthy mental attitude is also essential as depressive tendency's can have a very negative effect on our sexual drive! Other aspects that can cause a decrease in sexual power are age,anxiety,semen loss,weight loss,illness,exhaustion.fear,suspicion and jealousy, making love with the wrong partner is also highly toxic to our health. Visual and visceral aphrodisiacs can be very powerful also for example the image of a naked woman,an erotic film or a song can move us deeply. It is important to note that we must be responsible for what we choose to let enter our body as any toxic substance can take a long time to clear from the body and mind.
If we make the choice as adults to be healthy and vital this will be passed onto our children and future generations,aphrodisiacs can act as catalysts to create and transform our entire being to reach a higher state of consciousness we are striving towards. Therefore the more dynamic and full of life we are the more power we possess leading to a more powerful evolution in the long term.


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