The use of plants as aphrodisiacs

In Ayurveda aphrodisiacs can be categorized into two types tonic and stimulants.
 The tonic plants are nourishing and increase the creative potential they compensate if there are energy deficiencies, examples are of these plants are: ginseng,maca,pueraria,ashwaganda,shatavari,atmagupta,lajja,vanilla,liquorice,yam,muirapuama and pollen.
The stimulant plants as the name suggests have a stimulating effect that does not necessarily increase the creative potential but instead dynamises it,examples of these plants are:
cloves,cinnamon,salmali,basil,shivalinga,haritachi,royal jelly,ginger,white pepper,black pepper,red hot chilli pepper,basil,thyme,sweet calamus,rosemary,sage and garlic.

How to take the plants?
The most effective way is to put the amount of powder you want under your tongue for 10-15 minutes. If the plant is spicy you can also chew it but keep bringing it back under your tongue. As you become familiar with the taste of the plant you will begin to notice the sensations that appear therefore experiencing how it reacts with your body and energetic pulse of the body.
It is best to take them 30 minutes to an hour before a meal and the recommended dose shown above if you wish to use them as aphrodisiacs,however sometimes these plants can be used simply to increase the spice content of the food and then in greater amounts they no longer act as an aphrodisiac but instead stimulate the digestive and other systems in the body.
If you are planning a romantic evening and you wish to use them prior to making love it is recommended  to take the plants 2 hours in advance for the fully benefits to become evident!

What is the recommended dose?
 The most intense plants which are spicy or bitter: 0.25 to 0.5g
 Sour or astringent plants with a medium intensity: 1g
 Sweet or salty plants with reduced a intensity       : 2g to 8g

What are the most recommended aphrodisiacs?
Siberian ginseng,maca,ashwaganda,muira puama,gokhru,gotu kola,ginger,haritachi,celery seeds,epidemium,shatavari,cordyceps,damiana,licorice,cloves.
A fun and interesting fact is the shape of a clove which represents the phallic symbol and the yang energy,take a look the next time you use them!

Recommended aphrodisiacs for men:
 Siberian ginseng,ashwaganda,muirapuama,catuaba,gokhru,ginger,haritachi,
celery seeds,shivalinga,amada,atmagupta,sringataka,smilax,cordyceps and yohimbe.

Recommended aphrodisiacs for women:
Kamala,kumarika,wild yam,don quai,shatavari,maca,epimedium,ginseng,schisandra,radiola rosea,damiana,ginkgo biloba.


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