A journey into the chakra system

Chakras are best described as energy centres  in the body,there are literally hundreds of them located throughout but only seven main ones which are most commonly recognized and located in the central channel between the groin and top of the head.
The function of the chakras are too spin and draw energy into the spiritual,mental,emotional and physical body,if all the chakras are healthy and balanced there is a feeling of complete harmony and well being in the body,however if a chakra becomes blocked physical and emotional problems will start to emerge some of which can become serious if left untreated.

So how can we check if our chakras are blocked?
 First of all by how you are feeling do you have a physical pain or feeling emotionally disconnected in some way that is often the first sign that there is a misalignment in the body. If this is the case how can we rectify the blockage? The first thought is through a professional such as a crystal healer or Reiki practitioner who using the sensitivity felt through their hands will be able to identify the underlying problem. There is however another was to check for ourselves using a pendulum.

When would we want to fully open our chakras and is it safe to do so?
The chakras are constantly open and active in the body throughout our lives and never fully close. They are continuously spinning which helps to keep the body in alignment and gives a warning if there are in balances. It is not advisable to activate the chakras constantly as that will lead to exhaustion as we will then become too 'open' to the energy's around us. Sometimes however it is helpful to fully activate them if you wish to gain particular insight about a person or situation or you intend to embark on healing work.
To open the chakras fully start at the crown chakra located just above the head,this is the largest chakra of all and once opened will then automatically start to connect to the opening of the other chakras,imagine one or all of the following; a flower opening in the relevant color for that chakra point, the color associated with the chakra expanding within the point and getting bigger,or a door opening as the energy expands.

How do I then deactivate my chakras and is it necessary?
As I mentioned above to avoid exhaustion and possible damage to the well being of the mind and body it is very important to always deactivate the chakras after opening them. To do this the process is very simple you just do in reverse the process you used to activate them,therefore starting at the root chakra in the groin and working up to the crown chakra at the top of the head imagine the relevant color and flower getting smaller and absorbing back into the body and the door closing,this does not mean the chakras are closed down that is not possible just lying more dormant to preserve energy in the body.

How do I cleanse my chakras?
There are various ways to cleanse the chakras,two simple options are too place a combination of crystals in your shower head (rose quartz,clear quartz and tourmaline) is a good example too provide a cleanse of energy every time you shower.
For those who prefer having a bath add the juice of 2 freshly squeezed limes to a sprinkle of  Himalayan salt for a deep cleanse and soak as long as is needed.

For the more spiritually minded the majority of blockages are caused by emotions which store in the solar plexus chakra. Excitement such as 'butterflies' can be felt here as well as negative emotions caused by a bad feeling about a person or situation.
This toxic energy then builds causing negativity in the body,a simple way to release it is to imagine a symbol on your chest of something you can easily relate too. An example is an owl of butterfly,imagine you are moving all the negative energy up into this symbol which collects all the toxicity then leaves your chest and flies away with it,this process does not take long and can offer instant relief leaving you feeling lighter and much more  relieved and grounded.



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