Kegel exercises to strengthen the pc muscle

The PC muscle plays an essential part in increasing sexual energy and arousal in men. Some common reasons why it may be difficult to develop and maintain a strong erection can be due to a number of factors including Anxiety, lack of blood supply, blockages in the pelvic area and a weak PC muscle.
It is also important to mention that the lingam is directly connected to the heart and the relationship you have with yourself will play a huge part in how the lingam responds. Self-pleasuring is a natural way to connect to your body and enjoy the pleasure it can give you.
The PC muscle is the muscle used to control urination and these exercises are very discreet so can be done anywhere at any time. It is essential to be aware of your breathing whilst practicing these exercises so your body is completely relaxed, make sure you are breathing deeply from the abdomen not from the chest and it is advisable to practice them on a daily basis to encourage a stronger erection and more intense orgasms. Try to fit these exercises into your daily routine. Take them at your own pace as with everything you need to build them up gradually and you may feel sore and tire easily at first but try to persevere and the end rewards will be worth it!
For the most effective results sit in a chair ideally with feet flat on the floor or lay on the floor for the following exercises
Focus your attention on the pelvic floor, breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose and breathe out through the mouth pushing your jaw forwards as you exhale.
Breathe in through the nose then exhale through the mouth, as you exhale contract your rectal muscle. As you breathe in through the nose relax the muscle. Repeat this cycle 30 times, 10 times slowly, 10 times medium then 10 times quickly. Pause afterwards to feel the effects.
Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth as you exhale contract your urethra as if you were trying to stop urinating mid-stream then relax whilst inhaling through your nose. As above repeat the cycle 30 times 10 times slowly,10 times medium speed and 10 times quickly. Pause afterwards.
Breathe in through your nose, whilst exhaling through your mouth. Raise the middle of the pelvic floor as if you were trying to clench it into a fist, relax this fist when inhaling through the nose. Repeat as before 10 times slowly, 10 times medium speed and 10 times quickly. Briefly rest.
Inhale deeply through the nose, whilst exhaling through your slightly protruding jaw contract your entire pelvic floor. Hold the tension for 6 to 10 seconds working up to 15 seconds. Relax the pelvic floor whilst inhaling. Repeat slowly 4 to 6 times.
Whilst urinating exhale slowly and forcefully push out the urine. Inhale and contract your PC muscle to stop the flow of urine midstream. Exhale then start urinating again. Repeat the sequence until you have stopped urinating.


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