The use of resins to promote healing

Resins are used not just by healers and Shamans but are popular in many house holds for the benefits they provide in cleaning the energy and promoting healing. They are available through various sources; oils,sprays,incense or through burning them directly on a charcoal base. It is possible to make your own products but they are commonly available in many stores to purchase which makes it very convenient.
Below is a list of the most common resins used and their uses and benefits in healing.

Californian White sage: Cleanses spaces,tools,antibacterial,heightens intention,resolves negativity.

 Bay leaves/olive:  Very efficient for cleansing spaces.

 Palo Santo: Beneficial for love,creativity,good fortune,protection,grounding,Anxiety.

Dragons blood: Protective,removes darkness, use in oil form on wrists and neck.
Do not use if epileptic

Pinen: Beneficial to give strength, relieves a tired soul.

Copal: Ideal for journeying whilst healing,cleansing,strengthens the 3rd eye.

Myrrh: For release,happiness,transformation,stability and strengthening.

Frankincense: Helpful for meditation,calming,healing and Anxiety.

Sweet grass: Honors the creator,unites spirit,uplifting,healing and cleansing.

Mugwort: British sage:stimulates dreams,settles nerves,stress,sets up sacred space.
Do not use if epileptic

Domainia :heightens libido and raises  sexual energy
Do not use if suffering from any mental illness

Lavender: Master healer: aids sleep,reduces depression and grief/sorrow,brings peace of mind.

Rosemary: Benefits the memory and soothing.

The safest resins to use with epilepsy are Copal and Frankincense.


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