What is a medicine wheel in Shamanism?

The medicine wheel or sacred hoop as it is sometimes known is the circle of creation and has been used by generations of native American tribes over the centuries for health and healing. It can take on many forms either as an art work or a physical construction on land and follows the rising and setting of the sun in a clockwise direction starting in the East.

Each wheel is divided into four segments which represent the four quarters or directions,each of these segments is represented by a color which represent the four nations and their people,stages of life,seasons,aspects of life and the elements.

The colors of each medicine wheel vary depending on the tribe from which it originates but the intention is always for healing and can be used either on yourself or others. In this materialistic world we live in many people seek comfort and status in possessions,but the shamanic belief is that everything we need to balance our mind,body,emotion and spirit can be found in nature and for this reason it is essential that we respect the land we live on and be truly thankful for all it provides to us.



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