what is a pendulum and how do I use one?

So what is a pendulum and how would I use it for healing or gaining knowledge on topics I need the answers too?
  This is generally a crystal spear attached to a cord,they can take on many different forms and are available widely through crystal and health care shops,it is not advised to purchase crystals over the internet as it is advisable that you feel not only drawn to the stone but feel an energy emitting from it and it is only possible to do this by directly holding the item to see if there is a connection prior to purchasing. Before use ensure you cleanse the pendulum through burying it in the earth,exposing it too extreme sound or holding it under pure running water. It should then be fully charged by leaving it ideally under a full moon over night.

The most effective crystal to use is pure quartz as that is the master healer,first of all ask the pendulum to show you 'yes' and 'no' it will distinguish between the two by spinning or moving from side to side in different directions. Then ask the pendulum if it will work with you if the answer is yes start by asking a simple question you already know the answer to,if the pendulum answers correctly it is fully cleansed , connected to your energy and ready to use.

Before using always ensure your intention is pure and for the greater good especially if the work you indeed to do is self healing or healing on others. The pendulum is a highly effective way to identify underlying issues and can be helpful in reaching a suitable answer to your questions and concerns. 

Always treat the pendulum with great respect,cleansing it and recharging regularly to ensure optimum use. Storage is advised in a velvet pouch or somewhere safe to protect the crystal from damage and contamination. It is not advisable to let other people use your pendulum as it can then pick up their energy and will need to be  cleansed and reprogrammed before you are able to use it again.


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