What is Reiki and how can it benefit me?


Reiki originates from Japan and is a natural healing art which works on all aspects of our being on a physical,emotional,mental and spiritual level. It is suitable for all ages from young babies as a way of soothing to the elderly who may just benefit from that gentle sense of touch and connection.

It is a energy based treatment, which is performed through the clothes and formulated to work on all aspects of the chakras in the body, releasing blockages to create balance in maintaining the body's natural equilibrium. Mind, body and spirit are treated as one in this powerful and spiritual treatment. It is very effective in aiding relaxation from stress disorders and emotional problems. The use of relevant Crystals can be incorporated on the chakra points and aura cleansing is performed for additional benefits.

It is a powerful tool for growth and personal transformation.

What are the benefits of Reiki?
  • Stress Reduction and relaxation
  • Promotes health and a sense of well being
  • Balances life energy's,particularly helpful in times of change
  • Removes emotional blockages
  • Improves bodies natural healing ability
  • Induces a sense of peace and tranquility
When is Reiki not advised?
Although Reiki is a safe treatment it is important to be aware that as with any healing therapy the participant enters into it with an open mind and it is possible that shifts can occur at any time,either during treatment or afterwards. These can range from a deep sense of well being to a release of trauma. 
It is advisable not to attend a Reiki session if the following are factors:
- Pacemaker (can affect the natural beat connected to the heart )
- Diabetes   (can affect the level of insulin produced)


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