What is sexual continence and why is it beneficial to practice it?

Sexual continence is having the perfect mastery over our sexual energies,which is the force responsible for our growth and evolution. Our sexual energy is our life force,it dynamises everything in creation and creates life itself.

Sexual continence is an essential practice in tantra as it teaches us that it is possible to experience pleasure without losing our essential life force energy,therefore full body orgasms are possible without the need for ejaculation. This can at first be a strange concept for a man to understand as they have been led to believe that they can only experience pleasure through ejaculation and by not ejaculating they would feel too frustrated.... so why is this and how can a man learn to understand the benefits of not ejaculating?

Firstly he needs to understand not too associate pleasure solely with ejaculation as orgasm and ejaculation are completely different. It is possible to reach heightened states of orgasm by not ejaculating and therefore preserving the energy in the body but it is not possible to reach orgasm following ejaculation and for the bodies natural energy supplies not to be depleted. Every time a man ejaculates he loses vital life force and fluids which nourishes his entire body system, building strength and vitality in the body and draining his masculine force and the ability to polarize with his partner. The energy initially is depleted from his sexual organs but once that energy has been exhausted he then starts to draw energy from the other organs in his body gradually over time resulting in him shortening his life span. This may seem quite drastic but it is fact and one many men simply choose to ignore which is unfortunate.It also has led in some cases to problems in the relationship as a lack of control and connection cause early ejaculation leading to frustration for both parties and the man some how in directly blaming his partner rather than his own lack of control.

So if he does not ejaculate what happens to the build up of sperm in the body? It is naturally reabsorbed back into his system to replenish energy in the tissues and build a stronger bodily system. It is not harmful in any way which is contrary to what he may have been led to believe previously. As a young man he will not be affected by the trauma caused to his body by regular ejaculation but as he gets older the risks increase and after the age of 60 it is advised to conserve life that he does not ejaculate at all.

So how can a man learn to control the feelings of frustration he may initially feel by not ejaculating?
This takes time and patience! He has been conditioned by society and by his own ego to feel a certain way therefore he needs to learn to become fully aware of his body and paying attention when he is getting close to certain 'key points' to avoid the loss of conscious control ending inevitability at the  loss of the life force energy..
The entire process works like this for an un awakened man :  Loss of conscious control then reaching the point of no return. Orgasm follows and then relaxation and inevitable loss of life force without him even realizing. Every addiction has a high followed by an inevitable low and this is true of ejaculation many men use it as a form to make themselves feel better,to provide relief and pleasure  and because their own egos feel it is the only way for them to experience this they do not realize the damage they are doing to their bodies long term.

It is only when a man learns to step away from his own ego and initial physical desires and starts to connect fully to his body prioritizing his heart as opposed his genitals will he discover that by learning to slow down and build pleasure gradually he will become fully present and in control therefore leading to a cosmic orgasm which will affect his entire being and result in an eruption of the senses throughout his entire body as opposed to just the genitals as his potential expands. Kegel exercises can be helpful to help build control and strength in not only his emotional state but physical as by strengthening the pc muscle it helps him to maintain and control the build up prior to ejaculation. By not ejaculating the energy which would have been lost initially is then redirected to create the pure energy which leads to fully body orgasm giving not only complete pleasure but re harvesting energy within the body creating feeling of vitality as opposed exhaustion following a lovemaking session, this sadly many men have never experienced due to a lack of control and the domination of the ego.

Therefore to preserve life force and feel heightened pleasure and vitality it is essential for a man to become fully awakened and connect primarily with his heart,if he is able to put his focus solely there he will find it much easier to slow down and reconnect with his body when he is getting close to  the key points and not to be dominated by his own urges and desires therefore sustaining pleasure for not only himself but his partner on a longterm  basis as ultimately behind all our desires is always a longing for union which must be found within himself before he can share that with someone else.




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