The healing energy of trees

Throughout history trees have been used for healing and medicinal purposes,they are the most advanced living beings on the planet and have the ability to calm down our emotions simply by touch and in doing so helps to strengthen our immune system and enable us to radiate chi energy.
If you are able to be open and communicate with your heart whilst embracing our beautiful planet and the nature surrounding us you will realize that trees share the same emotions as human beings and respond to us accordingly if they are shown the respect they deserve.

The different types of trees differ in the benefits they provide,shown below is a selection of the most popular trees and how through touch and being open to the energy they offer can help you to heal your body and mind.

As the name suggests the weeping willow is the tree connected to our emotions,often found in water the movement is fluid representing letting go of pent up emotions,inner wisdom,stability and opening the mind. This tree also helps to heal rheumatism and inflammation in the body.

The ash brings peace of mind and sensitivity,it creates a higher sense of awareness and is good for digestive problems

The cedar is highly beneficial for cleansing,protection,healing and breathing problems. It is the tree that encourages prosperity into our lives.

The cherry tree represents fun,strong expression,rebirth,passion and creativity. It is also healing for colds,flu,coughs or headaches.

The maple represents offering and giving.It provides balance,practicality and is the tree that can help you take action in your life. It is also beneficial for the digestive system.

The oak is the tree of wisdom. It is grounding and can provide us with the insight to the questions we need an answer too. It helps to improve the circulation and is helpful for problems with the blood.

The walnut provides clarity and helps us to regain our focus to gather new energy when we feel we need a boost or are embarking on a new project. It is also beneficial for skin problems.

The beech is good for tolerance,it provides knowledge and is helpful for those who are either overly critical or themselves or who receive criticism from others. It helps to heal wounds or sores on the skin.

The elm tree helps to calm the mind and strengthen the stomach

So with this in mind why not the next time you go for a walk to enjoy nature hug a tree its not just for hippy types it really can help improve your wellbeing and the results may actually surprise you!


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