The importance of the drum through shamanic healing

In our past lives we have all been Shamans in some form,our ancestors through DNA have passed on information so that lessons not learned previously can be rectified in this life time.
The drum plays an essential role in shamanic healing and different tribes have different directions but follow what they are drawn towards with the intention always being pure to help others unconditionally heal and find internal balance. When the Shaman uses the drum he is connecting to the higher source which is ultimately what he then channels to help others,however in doing so he is aware of the spirit inside the drum as symbolically everything that gives life to the universe is represented by the drum.

The wood of the drum is made from a tree which once had life and this energy is still present,the life giving substance flowing beneath the bark is just like the blood in our bodies,the animal skin covering the drum was once a life also as this skin once surrounded a living animal. Both the skin and wood are therefore related to a life that although is no longer present in its original form still contains that life force that stays present to help others that are still here.The drum represents a heart beat and as the Shaman creates his own rhythm he is able to connect to the different energies,when this force increases it leads to a direct connection with spirit. Therefore the drum is the heart beat of creation which is life itself.

As the drumming continues everyone becomes connected with our fellow man,the drum beat is a pulse rather then a tempo,it is a life pulse making the drum a highly sacred instrument. As the Shaman plays the drum he will create different tones on different parts,but there will always be a specific area which resonates during the healing process.A highly important part of this process is for the Shaman to close down the logical side of his brain which prevents him from entering a meditative state of mind. Once this state is entered light and energy can then be drawn into the heart and in turn then transferred to the beater when using the drum to create not only self expression but healing with four beats of the drum per second corresponding to processing the theta brain wave which indices a trance like state.  

The effects of drumming are very powerful and profound,healing is accelerated,the immune system boosted and emotional trauma released therefore giving a complete sense of well being and regeneration of the mind,body and spirit. Drumming is the oldest form of mediation known,it helps to connect us directly with our true human nature and by surrendering ourselves to the beat and rhythm we are free to journey and explore our true selves in our own unique inner worlds. Our first sense of rhythm was through listening to our mothers heart beat and this beat then changes through out our lives depending on the choices we make which will ultimately guide us in our chosen direction and life path.


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