The reason the peace pipe is used in Shamanism

We have all seen the images of the Native Americans smoking the peace pipes during a ritual healing session but what is the actual purpose of this is there a reason?
The peace pipe is the sacred pipe instrument which is used to communicate with the creator,the bowl of the pipe represents the universe and world we live in and the stem mankind and is a reminder to us that we are all related and connected in some way to each other.

Tobacco is commonly given as a gift of thanks and respect for the Shaman and is seen as a instrument of prayer by the native Americans for help they give to others. Once the tobacco is in the pipe it represents the father of all creation and wisdom. When the pipe is smoked the smoke created is not important but the communication to the higher force is, the pipe is not smoked to impress others but represents the tears and pain from the person who needs healing and the smoke is then able to carry away that pain to the creator who will ease the sorrow.

The most important part of the healing is the intention and if that is not pure the prayers will not be effective and therefore the ritual will have its focus on the ego and not healing. The ritual is there to give focus and direction but the intention is decided by the person doing the healing and receiving it,
the Native Americans therefore  view the pipe as sacred and carrying it as a life time commitment.


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