What is the shadow self of your character?

The Shadow self of our character is the side of your personality that contains all the parts that you prefer to kept hidden and do not want to admit to having. It is often unconscious and through becoming more self aware we are able to recognise our shadow and understand that it is not always negative, a common way to explore our shadow self is through therapy or self development work. Sometimes we are not always able to show our true emotions due to our own fear and insecurities so instead we choose to wear a mask to protect ourselves and we let our shadow self dominate our character displaying signs or anger or rage rather then become vulnerable and admit we are feeling afraid this mask helps us to feel safe so to the outside world we may be portrayed in a different light but actually on the inside we are feeling completely different. It is not always easy to embrace the negative side of our character but actually once you are able to do so then it can help your life to become more balanced as the relationships with others improves but most importantly you are then able to discover boundaries within yourself as you gain more insight and personal power. It can also be helpful to understand that sometimes we may see something in someone else or meet someone for the first time and for some reason we do not understand may feel un easy. This can be due to the fact they are projecting onto us a part of our own character that we are not comfortable with. It is important to remember that everyone has a personal shadow no matter how positive they are it is a natural part of being human and sometimes what you may perceive as being a weak or an unattractive part of your character can be seen by others in a much more positive light. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important you will ever have so it is best to learn to love , embrace and accept every part of your nature ,it makes you who you are and defines you as an individual and your own person. Having this acceptance towards yourself will then in turn have a profound impact on how you treat and relate to others. www.yourinnerglow.co.uk


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