Bird nation in Shamanism

Bird nation

Embracing nature and respecting the planet we live on is an essential practice to bring balance,healing and harmony not only into our own lives but in practicing shamanism and this of course includes the birds and wildlife that inhabit our planet. Birds can be incredibly powerful in what they represent and can teach us a lot about not only ourselves but the world we all live in.

The owl for example represents wisdom and feminine mystery,it teaches us to be silent and wise particularly if we are looking for an answer to a specific question we may have as it can offer guidance. The owl also reveals not only what you are hiding from yourself but also what others are hiding from you. It is a peaceful and mystical bird which is greatly respected.

The crow encourages us to see things how they should be whilst possessing the magical ability to travel through different realms,the crow also teaches us patience.

The Robin commonly identified by its red chest helps to provide courage to find your voice and express it. It is also associated with spirit and loved ones who have passed away.

Shamanic practice places great importance on tools used for cleansing and healing.  Amongst these tools are feathers which symbolize many different components,a feather is used to help cleanse the body and spirit when sage is burned,the feather helps to waft the smoke,cleansing the aura and also introduces the element of air into the healing session as feathers are a symbol of flight and freedom.
This symbolizes our own personal journeys,working through our blockages and limitations and helping us to discover our boundaries which helps us to then travel through reality and our spiritual world.

Feathers are also associated with celebration for the native Americans and can be given as a gift,once received the feather can then never be put back down onto the earth again which is why the indigenous people wear them in a head dress or as part of their clothing to celebrate their mystical power. It is believed that by hanging feathers from a tree it is possible to put your desires and intentions into the feathers and then every time the wind blows the universe will hear your wishes and respond. Some people gain great comfort to believe that a white feather falling represents a sign from an angelic realm or a sign from a loved one who has passed and is now trying to communicate. Whilst this may be true the lesson to be learned is to remind us to be mindful of our surroundings at all times,stay present and stay forever thankful to our creator who has made our lives possible.


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