The significance of the Spider in Shamanism

We are all aware of the power of positive thought and there are numerous self development sources that aim to create the life you want through focus and manifestation(the well known book 'The Secret' is one of these many people have read or at least heard about.)

However in shamanism the guide we are searching for can often come in the shape of our spirit animals and in particular the Spider. The feminine energy of the Spider is a very powerful source as she represents mystery,growth,receptivity,power and creativity but most importantly manifestation.
Her body and legs are shaped to represent the number 8 which relates to infinity and just as a Spider creates its own path,whilst removing things that no longer serve then repairing the broken web as human beings we follow the same pattern with our own lives as we too weave our own destiny.

The web we spin in our lives is an expression of what we want and need,our own individual goals,it is a dream catcher used to create and project our desires and hopes for the future. It is possible if you want something badly enough to manifest it into your life in some form for example if you wish to attract love we call upon the Spider to help us weave a web into which we place our hopes and dreams. It is important to realize though that the universe will only send to you what is right at the present time,therefore if you are not emotionally available you may be sent a person with all the personal qualities you desire but you will not meet the actual partner meant for you until you are ready.

Another example is a job,in your mind you may have an idea of all the terms of your perfect position,if you are to then apply then for that job you will only be successful if the position is actually right for you,otherwise the opportunity will go to some one else who is right at that current time,such is the power of attraction. Just as the spider through its gentle strength and patience weaves  and awaits its prey to come into the web we as humans would be wise to follow the example as sometimes we must simply wait for what is meant for us and not continue to chase things that are not as the more we do the further away they will appear to go if the timing is not correct or it is not meant for us. However with a little clarity,a positive mindset and a clear focus we can achieve whatever we desire but only if like the spider we stay focused and strong in our beliefs.


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